Interessenliste für Alu-Motorschutz / Skidplate (wie Touratech) für Vergaser-F

  • Hi All,

    It seemed more logical to join this forum, so you can adres your questions directly to me.

    My German is not up to par, therefore I will be writing in English.

    Some background on my F650;

    I bought it in Summer of 2015 for a trip to Portugal, finished it with 7400km (girlfriend as passenger). Then the next year my girlfriend got her motorcycle-license and restored a Hercules K125BW from '71. In Summer 2016 we rode the F650 and K125BW 8200km through Italy. I graduated Engineering last february, and we did a 3 month round trip through Europe with two F650's, for 12500km.

    After all these kilometers, I have made many many modifications to my F650. Thats were we arrive on the subject at hand; skidplates.

    I first made these skidplates in 2017. When I put my second hand Touratech skidplate up for sale on the Facebook-group, there was a lot of interest (>15 reactions). Originally Touratech sold them for 138,- excluding tax/shipping/bolts, but they stopped production around 2008. The logical response was to reproduce a set, since I had acces to all tools and suppliers. I took all existing measurements and made a 3D model in Autodeks Inventor, and made some improvements.

    The current version (V4) has some elements suggested in this thread. A member here expressed his doubts about the structural strength, and I had plans to make it slightly better looking. Hence the new 'wings'. They were not really necessary for strength, unless you're using the F as a BMX. I changed the M8 mounting bolts to dome-heads. (I thought it was mentioned in this thread)

    Only thing I couldn't change is the problem with small BMW crashbars: they will not fit with this skidplate, whether it be the Touratech version or mine. Hepco&Becker/Evilchop are no problem.

    From this new set of 20 pieces, today I sold 7, so 13 left.

    I made the technical drawing of the first version available for free, the only request is that you don't mass-produce them.

    PS: Someone said that he sold his original Touratech Skidplate because it rattles like hell. The solution is to check the lower mounting points on the frame. They are sometimes bend upwards from offroading with the old plastic cover. You need to bend them back down, because the skidplate could indeed rattle against the frame.

    I would like to thank Vosse & black.rubber for their efforts :smile:

  • Hallo zusammen,

    ich hatte mir im Winter auch die Skidplate von Ard montiert. Passt sehr gut, war einfach zu montieren und sieht gut aus. Ich bin sehr zufrieden. Ob ich die Skidplate für Gelände jemals brauchen werde sei dahingestellt.

    Anbei die Bilder.

    Gruß, Daniel

  • thanks for your comment, Daniel!

    I have tried anodizing some skidplates, it was requested via the Facebook group. It looks quite nice. Not necessary for corrosion protection, purely cosmetic.

    Colors are now available for 15,- extra. So far I have a few black and red ones in stock.

    I'll upload some pictures later this evening.

  • The promised pictures!

  • Yes, this is my girlfriends Funduro, but i have the Evilchop bars on my bike aswell. I have visited them on my trip to Greece, nice guys. All crashbars are fully handmade. I can recommend, tested them a few times along the way ^^